This Guide is for Customers who got Unlock Code but stuck with Google Activation Screen.

You must have either RC29 or earlier, or Modded RC30.(RC29 is US firmware, RC7 is UK firmware) If U have higher
Versions like (RC33 US firmware or RC8 UK firmware) then u Need to Downgrade.

To Check Firmware Version Do the following without Sim


If Phone Reboots then u have version RC29 or Lower, Skip Upgrading/Flashing Procedure.
(Flash your phone to RC29/RC7 or lower to be able to Exploit Root Access)

Step 1- Format the SD card to FAT32 (Make Sure of this, otherwise it wont Work.
Step 2- Unzip the RC29 or RC7 image file (DREAIMG.nbh) to the SD card & Rename it to (DREAIMG.NBH)
Step 3- Switch Off the Device then Insert the SD card.
Step 4- Now U have to Put your G1 in BootLoader Mode (Hold Down Camera Button, and press Power Button) DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS.
Step 5- Press Power button to Start Upgrade/Flashing Procedure.
Step 6- Once its done, Reboot your G1.

For Those with RC29 or Earlier Versions, Just Follow The Below Guide.

You must have ADB installed on your Computer (Extract to C: Drive), Download & Install the USB drivers. U can Manually Install when Computer Asks for the Drivers once U Connect your G1.

1- Plug your G1 & Install Drivers.
2- Without Sim Card in Your G1, <enter>setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1<enter> Even though u dont see what u typing, but u are actually executing a Command on your G1 to Enable USB Debugging in Settings.
3- Once u Execute that Command USB Drivers will be Installed again, but this time will be recognised as ADB Interface.
4- Click Start>Run>cmd> to Command Prompt
5- Type c:\adb devices (If your Device is Connected u will see it)
6- Restart your G1 but now With Sim, to see the Activation Screen then Plug USB Cable & Type c:\adb devices (to make sure u are connected)
7- Type c:\adb shell (U will see a $ sign) Just Copy & Paste this into Command Prompt (am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n The Settings Screen will Appear, now Switch on Wi-Fi & Connect to the Internet.
8- Now u can either Login with your Existing or Create New Account with Google.

McnPro Team

Good Luck

"Get your Codes from allGSMUnlock Server, Contact AtrixJ (MY GOOD FRIEND)for Credits, Contact me if u have any problems with this Guide & Pls no $tupid Talk like its Not working. Tested on my Personal Phone like 10 times before I made this Guide. Took me 5 hours the First Time, now takes less than 10minutes."


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