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  1. Samsung GT-S7582 Sim 1 Not Working 100% Work
  2. how to change usb connector Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablet T285
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  10. wrong rom
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  15. please help urgent required
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  17. Successful way to change touch samsung tab 3 T211 video
  18. Samsung gt-s5312 unable to make or receive calls
  19. Samsung gt-e2252 fuzzy lcd
  20. Samsung Galaxy S6 G920F Ringer Solution
  21. Samsung-GT-E2220-Earpiece-Speaker
  22. Samsung Metro Duos C3322 Charging
  23. Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Camera Solution
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  25. Samsung Galaxy S6 G920F lcd Light
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  27. Samsung 3010s Insert Sim
  28. Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Display Light
  29. Galaxy Note 3 N9000 Mic Solution
  30. Samsung E1200 Sim Card Jumper
  31. Samsung GT-I8109 Sim Jumper
  32. Samsung S7562 Mic Problem
  33. Samsung Win I8552 USB Charging
  34. e1200t dead
  35. Gt-p5220 dead after flash
  36. i needed schematic samsung I997 ??
  37. Galasy S4 Mini (GT-I9195I) WiFi
  38. Smasung gt-i8000 speaker sound problem
  39. i9300 power button ways
  40. Samsung Galaxy S6/Edge Phone Disassembly Repair
  41. needed schematic samsung N7100
  42. c3303k light solution
  43. Samsung e2652 charging related problem
  44. need schematic sch r530 us
  45. samsumg gt-s6500 want charge
  46. Samsung Shark GT-S5350 Help Please
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  48. samsung y5360 power switch track ways hlp me......
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  50. S7262 no charging signal & fake charge solution
  51. how unlock samsung L520 SPRINT USA
  52. problem to power on i9300 no have buton not.
  53. samsung I9070 imei null
  54. Samsung S5360
  55. samsung e2232 network problem
  56. samsung gt-i9500 hedphone hang problem
  57. Samsung S6312
  58. Samsung E2202 Charging Problem
  59. help samsung s3850 no lights
  60. sam s3 show safe mode solution plzzzzzzz?
  61. Problem with my samsung s2 sgh-s959g
  62. E2510 samsung logo and hang
  63. samsung corby display problem
  64. Hi i need help for n9005
  65. Samsung E-1282T
  66. E 2252 INSERT SIM CARD IN 2nd SLOT :(
  67. Samsung GT-S5360 usb detect any Solution
  68. SAmsung galaxy s3 dead
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  70. Samsung S3802
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  72. request Samsung galxy S3 total hardware repair
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  74. E160L Symptoms like dead boot but not done with boot repair(HHD Spoil?)
  75. N7100 Imei Generic, any advice for repair?
  76. Samsung P6200 can't power on but if i plug in charger get batt logo on screen
  77. samsung GT-S7562 charging problem
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  83. samsung i620 problem
  84. Samsung S4 Power Section damaged
  85. E1080 Mic Ways
  86. s6102 earpiece problem
  87. Samsung GT C3303 Network Problem
  88. S3 Wifi n network problem
  89. Samsung C3303i new Slolutions
  90. need help samsung s3310
  91. Samsung Galaxy S3 Flashlight Solution
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  94. samsung c3262 restart with sim
  95. Samsung 3303i
  96. samsung S5670 sim ways please
  97. Samsung Galaxy Nexus - IMEI Coprrupted Please Help
  98. Samsung S3 mini (GT-I8190N) Stuck in Bootloop
  99. s5603 charging solution
  100. m110s lcd jumper
  101. B5722 Sending slave loader2 fail with z3x
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  104. samsung c3303 displays 'connected to pc'
  105. i9023 no power no charge
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  107. E2232 Network Problem
  108. c450 keyad
  109. Samsung E2152i Battery Low Solution
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  111. Samsung C3510 No Earpiece No Speaker Tested Solution Here
  112. Galaxy y S5360 Auto on and directly turn in recovery mode Solved
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  115. samsung s3310 charging problem
  116. Samsung Galaxy Y s5360 Fully Shorted Solved
  117. Samsung GT-I9500 Power Key Ways
  118. Samsung e2252 the 0 key is automatically press
  119. Note1 n7000 on off switch ways or jumper solution wanted
  120. samsung gt-s3770k network
  121. samsung c3322 display solution.....?????
  122. Samsung S222 water damaged phone dc power supply current show 4 number
  123. I need solutio for charging Samsung E2370
  124. samsung e1200t
  125. samsung e1200t
  126. I9300 basband ic
  127. SAMSUNG SGH_E251 schematics needed speaker negative print gone
  128. samsung E1220T insert sim problem
  129. samsung glaxy s3 mini all 4 mic ways required
  130. samsung sghc3312
  131. Help with my sg3
  132. Galaxy s2 i9100 IMEI HELP
  133. E3213k charging problem
  134. Samsung E2120 reboot
  135. samsung s3 boot disaster
  136. c3310s charging prolem
  137. Help
  138. Samsung S5620 ringer not working Solution
  139. samsung gt-e1200t deat
  140. Code unlok phone samsung GT-M5650
  141. samsung galaxy mini s5570 charging pro
  142. 3010S auto switch on & KEYPAD not working
  143. S3 Servicemanual
  144. Samsung gt c6712 showing usb connected
  145. samsung e 2230m charging problem
  146. samsung e2232
  147. Samsung S6102
  148. samsung s5839i bettry cross fault required
  149. samsung s7562 earpiece fault required
  150. Gt-5302 speaker and ringer not working solution plsz
  151. corby s3850 .. help
  152. Samsung gt-s5263 charging solution and ways (star ii)
  153. m300 light solution
  154. Samsung Glaxy s2 powering on/off ways required
  155. B100 net ic jumper
  156. samsung s3310 white display
  157. Samsung 3303i
  158. c3010 Keypad light problem
  159. HELP remove security code zte-g s226 with avator
  160. samsung s6102
  161. need solution
  162. samsung c3312
  163. a htc phone is locked
  164. Connector problem
  165. Xperia Problem
  166. c3312 mic solution 1000000000%
  167. Hard Bricked Verizon Galaxy S3 - Repair
  168. mic ways of sam i450
  169. Hi, new to GSM looks like great advice. Any updates to the fix ipod camera issue?
  170. Samsung S5750E Arabic Firmware
  171. Samsung Galaxy S4 Gyroscope
  172. Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500t at&t unlock
  173. voice breaking in sam s5253
  174. Samsung S5380K Mice Solution ...............
  175. samsung s3310i
  176. Samsung 3303i Keypad solution
  177. Samsung 5212 Hot solution
  178. Ace 5830 Charging Solution
  179. Samsung E2120 Blue Display Solution
  180. Samsung s5230 touch ic full solution 100% tested
  181. S3310 White Screen tested solution
  182. Samsung Galaxy S2 Repair - Disassemble & Assemble
  183. Samsung service Manuals
  184. samsung c3303 touch solution
  185. Galaxy S4 service manual
  186. samsung E1081 insert sim
  187. Samsung s5230 touch ic full solution 100% tested
  188. Samsung gt-s5263 charging solution and ways (star ii)
  189. Samsung galaxy S3 total hardware solution
  190. Galaxy S4 service manual
  191. Samsung gt-s5263 charging solution and ways (star ii)
  192. N7100 Note 2 / i9300 S3 " Easy " Boot Repair switch .
  193. samsung gt-c3222 hang on logo
  194. samsung gt-c3222 charging
  195. samsung c33o3i charging ic jumpers
  196. samsung c33o3i charging problem
  197. samsung keypad
  198. samsung e-250 network problem
  199. samsung E1160I Ringer problem ?
  200. Samsung E3210 & 3213k dead solution...
  201. Samsung s3350 simcard Ways
  202. samsung galaxy i5500 speaker input
  203. samsung GT-E1081T charging solution ?
  204. samsung gt-s3653 ringer
  205. c3010s mic solution
  206. samsung gt-1081
  207. Samsung Galaxy Gt-I9001 charging ways here
  209. C3303, C3303I,C3303K Battery Connecter Ways
  210. Samsung gt c3053 insert sim solution
  211. samsung gt-S5830 display light ways
  212. SAMSUNG galaxy s GT-I9000 total solution
  213. Galaxy s2 total solution
  214. samsung c5212 camera preview error,solution needed pls.
  215. samsung galaxy i9003
  216. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  217. hi can anyone help me how to jumper this ?
  218. replace process of all type charging connector
  219. how to assembly Samsung galaxy tab
  220. Samsung note2 total solution
  221. total mobile repair in one apps
  222. how to replace connector in easy process
  223. GT-C3212 no sound solve
  224. Galaxy s3 total solution
  225. how to fitting GT-S3770 tack switch
  226. how to open Samsung S3,GT-Ii9300
  227. samsung champ gt-c3303 total soluction
  228. lease download Samsung c3200 total solution .
  229. Plzzzzz Give solution for samsung i5503 charging solution
  230. E1172 insert sim solution
  231. Samsung C3303i Ringer & Speker Ok But Not Working
  232. i need c3303k solution
  233. Samsung C3303k black screen DONE!!!
  234. Samsung S5260 Auto Charge
  235. Plzz Help me to solve light problem in samsung i5503
  236. Samsung 1410 on/off solution
  237. which box good for android samsung imei repair
  238. i9100 back and menu touch no work
  239. Lock screen problem and no flight mode option on power key
  240. s5230
  241. Samsung c3312 Ringer & Speker Solution
  242. Samsung S3 mic problem
  243. samsung 1081t ringer problem
  244. s2 getting hot
  245. :::i9100 charging ways:::
  246. insert charger mobile goes off
  247. Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 return & menu button replace or repair?
  248. Samsung s5253 full sim ways
  249. 5333 mic track
  250. c3303 mic sol....