It is quite common that you might not know what model your iPad is after you buy it. So here are two methods to tell which model or generation your iPad is.

Method 1:

Use the Model Numbers

Turn to the back of your iPad, and at the end of the top row, you'll find the word "Model" in tiny letters followed by an "A" and a four-digit string of numbers. Remember the Model Numbers for each iPad generation above? Then you will know your iPad model. For example, as below image shows, the model number is A1219 - your iPad is the iPad 1st generation (Wi-Fi).

ipad generation_1_p.jpg

Method 2:

Find It in Your iPad Settings

In case above method doesn't work for you(for example, the number over the back is blur or scratched, or the iPad is installed with a case), you can try below.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPad.

2. Tap About.

ipad generation_2_p.jpg

3. Scroll down the page and you'll see the "Model" setting.

ipad generation_3_p.jpg

4. Tap on the "Model" section, and you'll see a shorter number that begins with a capital 'A', that's your model number.

ipad generation_4_p.jpg