How To: ReInstall OS When Computer Won't Recognize The Device Is Connected

When trying to re-install an operating system that constantly intializes,

Desktop Manager will not recognize the device.


1. Install Dekstop Manager

2. Install Ur Device Latest Firmware

3. Remove Battery Frm Ur Device

4. Connect Device To Pc( Without Battery

5. Go to Options , select "connection settings"

6. Select Usb Pin this may take a few moments since there is no battery in the device. you might even have to select detect device in some rare cases.

7.Open App Loader Icon

8. Follow Steps Given By Software

9. Proceed to the end portion untill you see the "Finish" Option

10. Note: Do not hit the finish button, Instead Select Advance option
1. Make sure both boxes are checked.

12. Proceed until it ask you if you want to automatically back up and restore. Select Do Not Automatically Backup Frm Handled

13. Once the process starts. take care not to bump out the cord and re-insert the battery. Again on some rare occasions you might have to wait until it finishes saying connect to insert the battery.

Might Fail in First Or Second Try

If you do not get it by the 3rd time.. download the Blackberry java developers kit and install it. once installed find the javaloader.exe file and move it into the c:\ directory

Once it is under the c:\, go to start then run and type. cmd.exe

After the command prompt apears type in "c:\javaloader -usb wipe" to wipe the handheld

*The reason I have highlighted Step 13 is that this is very important to do before the dm tries to re-start your device

because it will not reintialize your device if the battery is not in ur device