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Thread: against all in the GSM community supporting IMEI change on phone...

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    Exclamation against all in the GSM community supporting IMEI change on phone...

    Hello to all registered member and guests of, has been strictly against all practices of wrong doing with help of technology developed to support you and help you learn modifications on electronic gadgets and devises. We have always been ahead to promote and make GSM community technicians understand that bad effects of IMEI changing of the phones. There are tools and applications that supports IMEI repair, but that is to correct the IMEI if there is any IMEI issues like damaged IMEI.

    As we all know that the development in smart phones market has been so quick that there was never time to check if the developed platforms were 100% perfect. Devises have become smart due to smart developments on OS, application platforms, and so on. Now with developments getting so fast and new versions being developed so fast, developers of these OS are not getting completely dedicated to make sure that critical information like IMEI, personal data of users must not be affected in whatever be the case. Anyways, even perfect revolutionary developments have their boons and curses. For Eg: Diagnostic sonography: a medical diagnosis used to detect various issues within the human body to find the diagnosis or cure for the issue. But some unethical doctors have used this detect the sex of the baby in the mothers womb and in this way they are supporting people who are sex biased. In this case we all say that such doctors need to be sacked from their position and degree. But when same things come to GSM community, tools are developed for you all to be a part of the technology development by adding your skills and knowledge at ground level. But it makes the entire community shameful when wrong practices are exercised such as IMEI changing of phones, that helps wrong set of people like robbers, terrorists (to certain extent), and so on. IMEI change is a big issue and we have to come together and rule it out for the GSM community.

    We need to take big steps to control this. We must spread the awareness within the community to not support any such tools and software that are solely developed to support IMEI change. As had always been against this wrong practice of IMEI change, we would like all its members to not support such practices and spread awareness regarding that within their reach of community as well as make consumers aware of such practices.

    Note: All Moderators and super mods are requested to make sure that no such activity is supported on, and please ban any such activity supporter. If any Moderator or Super Mod is supporting IMEI change activities or any other illegal use of tools that are used for eduction purpose, please report to me and I shall ban him personally.


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    You're right any way change IMEI is illegal

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    nice but i dont know

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