- added new scripts for reading partition from EMMC based phones:
- Show_Partitions_EMMC_GPT
- Show_Partitions_EMMC_MBR
- Show_Partitions_EMMC_PIT

Executing: C:\Program Files\Z3X\EASYJTAG\Scripts\Show_Partitions_EMMC_GP T.txt
Searching for partition tables...
Medium UUID: 98101B32-BBE2-4BF2-A06E-2BB33D000C20
MMCBLK0P0 (modem) Range: [0X400000,0X3FFFE00] ,Len: 3C00000
MMCBLK0P1 (sbl1) Range: [0X4000000,0X401FE00] ,Len: 20000
MMCBLK0P2 (sbl2) Range: [0X4020000,0X405FE00] ,Len: 40000
MMCBLK0P3 (sbl3) Range: [0X4060000,0X40DFE00] ,Len: 80000
MMCBLK0P4 (aboot) Range: [0X40E0000,0X42DFE00] ,Len: 200000
MMCBLK0P5 (rpm) Range: [0X42E0000,0X435FE00] ,Len: 80000
MMCBLK0P6 (tz) Range: [0X4360000,0X43DFE00] ,Len: 80000
MMCBLK0P7 (pad) Range: [0X43E0000,0X505FE00] ,Len: C80000
MMCBLK0P8 (param) Range: [0X5060000,0X585FE00] ,Len: 800000
MMCBLK0P9 (efs) Range: [0X5860000,0X65FFE00] ,Len: DA0000
MMCBLK0P10 (modemst1) Range:[0X6600000,0X68FFE00] ,Len: 300000
MMCBLK0P11 (modemst2) Range:[0X6900000,0X6BFFE00] ,Len: 300000
MMCBLK0P12 (boot) Range: [0X6C00000,0X75FFE00] ,Len: A00000
MMCBLK0P13 (recovery) Range:[0X7600000,0X7FFFE00] ,Len: A00000
MMCBLK0P14 (fota) Range: [0X8000000,0X89FFE00] ,Len: A00000
MMCBLK0P15 (backup) Range: [0X8A00000,0X90FDE00] ,Len: 6FE000
MMCBLK0P16 (fsg) Range: [0X90FE000,0X93FDE00] ,Len: 300000
MMCBLK0P17 (ssd) Range: [0X93FE000,0X93FFE00] ,Len: 2000
MMCBLK0P18 (persist) Range: [0X9400000,0X9BFFE00] ,Len: 800000
MMCBLK0P19 (persdata) Range:[0X9C00000,0XA7FFE00] ,Len: C00000
MMCBLK0P20 (system) Range: [0XA800000,0X683FFE00] ,Len: 5DC00000
MMCBLK0P21 (cache) Range: [0X68400000,0X74BFFE00] ,Len: C800000
MMCBLK0P22 (hidden) Range: [0X74C00000,0X76FFFE00] ,Len: 2400000
MMCBLK0P23 (userdata) Range:[0X77000000,0X1D1BFFE00] ,Len: 15AC00000
P.S. Now you have compete set of scripts for creating own repair files.