Improved SUPER SD Auth for so called "SL3" or "New RAPIDO" models, for example:
* 5800d (RM-356) - v31.0.008 - v30.0.011 - v31.0.101
* 6790s-1c (RM-492)
* 6790s-1b (RM-599)
* E63 (RM-437) - v400.21.013
* E71 (RM-346) - v400.21.013
* N96 (RM-247) - v30.033 - v30.101
This update was made only on our server side, NOT needed any software update or anything else on end-user part.

Now, if you receive this error message:
"Bad phones ack on step1, probably SUPERDONGLE_KEY corrupted !
Wrong response to SD verify request"

just do this 2 steps:
1. Repair SD
2. Super SD Auth, then write PM1 and PM309 regarding connected phone model

This improved SUPER SD Auth for models and versions listed here works only AFTER repair with MxKey Tool, not work with other custom keys (like Nokia original, SD repaired with MT, UB, Genie). For any other models and versions, SUPER SD Auth works with ANY keys stored in phones.