Octopus Box v.1.8.0 is out! We have added support LG P350G,
support for LG L03C, LG KU9200 and improved code reading for LG S310!

Octopus Box v.1.8.0 Release Notes:
  • L03C added world's first Direct unlock, Repair Security, Read/Write/Repair NVM
  • KU9200 added world's first Direct Unlock, Safe Write Firmware, Repair Bluetooth address, Read/Write/Repair NVM
  • P350G added Unlock, Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Repair Bluetooth address, Repair Security, Read/Write/Repair NVM
  • S310 improved Code Reading

Note! In order to unlock, repair Security/IMEI/Bluetooth address of P350G you need to write special firmware "LGP350-LGP350G-LGP350GO-FOR-UNLOCK.oct" from the support area. Only after that you can use the above mentioned functions.

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Download Octopus Box v1.8.0 installer

Octopus Team