Added MICROMAX C111 OLD cpu only blinking repair via Repair Blinking button.
Added MICROMAX C111 all cpu user code reset via user code reset button.
Added HAIER CG100 1 click super easy fast unlocking..
Added HAIER C5100 v36 one more type 1 click unlocking Support..World first Again

Added Huawei old 2821 unlock as huawei olds before.
Added Possible to update card will be need in next release

Changed Haier patch unlock support. all will be verify before patch.
Changed Huawei old unlock method to next level.

Improved Model Deletection with version in haier phones.
Improved Scard calculation..
Improved log output..
Improved savelog..
Fixed no port selection continue bug.
Fixed com port close on some unlocking.

Check support area files folder "UPDATE ONLY EXE"/ CDMAPROMulti v113.rar