Hi to all Auto-Polar community
This is our last update for FIS+ customers

New Update FIS+ v0.1.4

[+] Improved CANBUS stability for solve problems in some configurations
[+] Added support for a new Motor ECU 03C-997-057-S (Turbo pressure)
[+] Added option for upgrade box without unplug from vehicle
[+] Improved routine for show parameters in FIS+ display (optimized)
[+] Added autodetection of language (FIS+ detect car configuration)
[+] Added new languages, now FIS+ support this :

- English
- Spanish
- French
- Italy
- Portuguesse
- Deutsch
- Czech

Any enquire, sugerence or question, please not doubt in contact with our staff,

Thanks in advance for all your attention,
with best regards,

[ AutoPolar Team ]

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