Multi-cdma tool

Released on 25 Sept 2011
What's New?

+ Improved full 100% working and 100% real support for new SAMSUNG CDMA flashing
slow phones like B139 & S379 etc will be auto managed, in case of other problems please report to us.
+100% tested repair MTS S189 BY FLASHING (GoodBye Risky JTAG) Now just 1 click flash
+Added C250 modem Aug 23 2010 firmware 1 click unlock support.
+Added "SPC=","QCAT=" command in command terminal.
+Added SXC-1080 MODEM DT08 both date DT09 DT15 (all possible version found )1 click unlock support.
+Improved slow phone tick (auto!)when flashing SAMSUNG CDMA phones
+Improved SCH-B379 unlock support
+Improved other rebuild method
+Improved other com port buffer system
+Improved log save for some models
+Improved GUI Please report if you want suggest better GUI
+Improved & updated to support till today for all models INTERFACE and CABLE Helper. It will work only when mouse is pointed there.
- Removed server check on NV read and backup read. NV Write is not enabled yet.

------Quick Summary------
Samsung Flasher Upgraded
Slow Speed Flashing Adjusted like AutoPilot!
MTS 1 Click Flashing for MTS S189
Modem Unlocking Added C250 SXC-1080
Rebuild, COMPort Buffer, GUI, Command Terminal & Cable Helper Improved

To download latest version, Open any of Combo Unlocker Exe (software)and go to Setting > GO TO SUPPORT >
Download new version from "UPDATES" COMBO_Update_MultiCdma_V1.58.rar

That's it for today