nckDongle update

Flashtool 1.01.

Updated SLA_Challenge.dll to allow to work with secure baseband chips.
Soon we will start support direct unlock and write firmware with comport in alcatel.
brom.dll updated, some more MTK chipsets now supported.
Some changes in Factory reset function.
Some changes in Backup and Restore nvitems.
Added posibility to upload files in phone( com port and usb mode supported);
This will allow to upload pictures, mp3, nvitems e.t.c. in phone in META mode.

Example of upload picture by usb in alcatel OT-708 phone.

Connect phone in boot mode ...
Phone detected...
Please wait
Enter meta succes
Get Disk Info succes
Total size: 39Mb
Free space: 39Mb
Sectors Per Cluster: 1
Directory to write:C:\\DCTC\\
Open stream succes:\alcatel\myflashtool\output\exe\mypicture.JPG
Check Enough Space succes
FAT Open succes
Begin write file:\alcatel\myflashtool\output\exe\mypicture.JPG
Write succes
FAT Close succes
Exit meta succes
Terminate thread succes
Some bugfixes in exe .

Please use "Go support" in nckDonegle exe and download file from support;