Mcnpro Box Suite version 2.1.0 Released (Box v3.2.1,ChinaRes Editor V1.2.7)

Time for another new version

  • There are a few new features to help you along, which we've listed below.

Mcnpro Box Suite version 2.1.0 included:
  • Mcnpro Box Official Main version 3.2.1 New!!
  • Mcnpro Box ChinaRes Editor version 1.2.7 New!!
  • Mcnpro Box Virtual oscilloscope tools

What's new for Mcnpro box version 3.2.1 ?

  • Add SPD new Flash ICs
  • Add SPD 6610/6620 to supported
  • Fix SPD SC6600L detection bugs
  • SPD SC6600L bootloader improved
  • Add Mstar new Flash ICs
  • Add Mstar 8533x to supported
  • Add AD6905 Platform to supported(Beta version)
    • Write/Read (Backup) Full flash for phones
    • Write/Read (Backup/ Restore) NV data for phones
    • Direct unlock User code phones
    • Automatic CPU/ Chips infomation detection
    • Upgrade/downgrade phone firmware
    • Repair software-related problems
    • Via flash to repair dead phones
    • Can Empty board flashing(After flash chip replacement)
    • Save operation process results in Log file
    • Read/write IMEI for all AD6905 based models
  • Other small report bugs fixed

ChinaRes Editor version 1.2.7

  • Add direct font change function
  • Base SPD CPU phone detection Improved
  • Other small report bugs fixed

Upgrading from Previous Versions:
As usual, We recommend that all customers running previous versions now upgrade to new version which is available for all customers with valid, To download that from support section !

For more information check at Here.

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