* First IN WORLD GT-I9300 Unlock/Imei(Without PATCH)
* First IN WORLD GT-I8530 Flashing
* First IN WORLD GT-S3970 Unlock/Imei
* First IN WORLD GT-E1228 Unlock/Imei
* First IN WORLD GT-C3528 Unlock/Imei
* All Reported Bug Cleared.

Procedure Of I9300 İmei And Unlock Following:
* Phone Should Be Rooted (If not Can find root file on spt support select in pda tab then flash)
* Connect Phone Powered On To USB CABLE With Usb Debug Active
* Press Spt Mode.
* After Process Phone will restart Then Connect Rj45 Micro Uart Cable
* Mark İmei And Unlock
* Press Factory Mode.

* If Get Any Trouble About This Procedure Mean Your firmware is new and not support then need just flashing with support area any file and report us your phone firmware version

For More Information & Downloading Links : Sptbox deluxe 14.2.8 released!!! Look up!!!