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Thread: Important Notice to use GSMINDIA VIP Sales Section

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    Exclamation Important Notice to use GSMINDIA VIP Sales Section

    To all members you want access to this section,

    If you want activate the access for using Main sales section, please PM the admin the following required details:

    Your User ID:
    Your Full name:
    Your Email Address:
    City and Country:

    Note: You should be registered on for atleast 45 days and must have at least 15 valid post (Not spams) to get your account activated.

    Once account is activated you will get an email.

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    The above post now does not stand valid. Any user who meets the below mentioned requirements can use the GsmIndia VIP Sales section to post. All the requirements for using main sales section are posted below:

    To view forum - 0 post/posts
    To view thread content - 1 post/posts
    To create new threads - 50 post/posts
    To reply to threads -1 post/posts
    To view links and images - 1 post/posts
    To post links and - 2 post/posts

    Note: No one is allowed to abuse this section by cheating any user or customer and not keeping this section clean and spamming. All the posts in this section will be monitored closely.

    Follow few rules:

    1. A member can only make one post per day in this section. In case you add 2 or 3 posts in one day, the post will be deleted, and in case you repeat the mistake you might face the risk of getting banned.

    2. Seller Member cannot post in other seller members thread. If you want to sell your product make a new thread. Highjacking any thread will result in facing a ban. Respect each other. Al members in this section want to sell their products.

    3. A seller with more than 300 posts on can request his/her own personalized Sales Section/Zone, that he can manage by himself. You can Add/Delete/Edit your posts by your self and also you can add one additional member as a moderator for your section.
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