It wasnít long after PrÍt-ŗ-Template founder and CEO Roberta Weiand launched her app in 2014 that it became a darling among fashion designers around the world.
With its library of templates, textures, and patterns, the app lets anyone sketch their dream outfit. Start with the outline of a model (there are dozens of body types to choose from). Add an article of clothingówhether a cropped jacket or an A-line dress. Then let your imagination run wild by using true-to-life brushes, textile patterns, and more to bring the details of your vision to life.
We spoke to Weiand about her inspiration and how users are finding their creativity in the app.
Paint with patterns, textures, and colors to make each design your own.

What inspired you to create PrÍt-ŗ-Template?I went to university for fashion design, and after graduation I taught at a university in my hometown. But I always had a problem: I didnít know how to design on a big scale on the big whiteboards. I started to download many design apps, but I couldnít find any related to fashion. So I thought, why not create one?
What has the response been like? Many people donít take fashion courses because they donít know how to draw, but they tell us that the app makes it much easier to develop an idea. It streamlines the prototyping process as well.
How has the app evolved since launch? We have many body templates. We heard from a student who was passionate about dwarfism and she asked us why we didnít have those templates in the app. We started to research, and with her help we created them.
Whatís next for PrÍt-ŗ-Template?Weíre working to make it feel more alive. We also develop PrÍt-ŗ-Makeup, and in that app we have a lot of realism in the brushes; if you turn the iPad, you can see the light changing. Weíre going to borrow the realism we started in that app for PrÍt-ŗ-Templateís textures.
What advice do you have for aspiring developers?Look for something that has meaning in your life, that solves a problem. Form a good team that believes in the same things as you. Always be open and listen to your users ó nothing is more valuable than what they have to contribute.

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