Martech update Box III V0.1.2.2237

Latest Update :

- Ford, 6000 CD, 5S7T-18C815-CG by Sony
- Ford, 6000 CD, 6S61-18C815-AG by Sony
- Ford, 6000 CD, 8M5T-14C044 AB by Sony
- Ford, 6000 CD, 8M5T-18C815-DB by Sony
- Ford, CD MP3, 6C3F-18C939-AA by Visteon
- Ford, CD MP3, 8C1T- 18C815-AB by Visteon
- Ford, CD307-CDI-ISLAND-KW2000, 7M5T-18C939-EG by Sony
- Ford, CDX - FS214CF, 7M5T-18C939-CF by Sony
- Ford, CDX 5F611N, 7S7F-18C821-EA by Denso
- Ford, KW2000, 8V4T-18C815-AC by Sony

How to update Box III? Run martech_ams3.exe or download:

Check supported models and functions in demo version:

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