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Thread: How To Repair IMEI (?????????????????) Damage In Dct4 Wd2 Tiku Phones?

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    Default How To Repair IMEI (?????????????????) Damage In Dct4 Wd2 Tiku Phones?

    How To Repair IMEI (?????????????????) Damage In Dct4 Wd2 Tiku Phone?

    Small Info About Imei (?????????????) Damaged In Dct4 Wd2 Tiku..

    There Is No Perfect Method To Know Uem Is Good Or Not.
    There Is No Perfect Method To Know After Rpl Write Phone Watch Dog Timer Will Work More Then 32sec Or Not.

    Here Is Litle Info About What I Know About Dct4 Wd2 Tiku Phone Imei (???????????????) Damaged And This May Help Users To Find Fastest Way To Repair Thier Phone And Easily Also.........

    1 = What Is Rezone Phone Show Imei (?????????????????)?
    A. There Is Only 2 Rezone I Know [1] Phone Flash Ic Losted Imei Info In Pm (Eeprom) 208..[2] Phone Uem Damaged .

    2 = What Is Rezone Phone Off In 32sec?
    A. There Is Only 2 Rezone Uem Watch Dog Timer Start To Make Phone Off In 32 Sec.. [1] Uem Test Phone Flash Ic Imei Is Not Found Same Of Found Damaged Imei (???????????) [2] Phone Uem Is Damaged

    3 = Is It Possible Imei In Phone And Phone Still Off In 32sec?
    A. Yes If Flash Area Imei Not Same As Uem Imei.
    If Rpl Calc With Different Imei Then Uem One.
    If Phone has Patched Imei.
    Phone Uem Is Damaged

    4 = Is It Possible Because Of Damaged Imei Area Phone Show Contact Service?
    A. Yes It Is Possible. To Be Sure For It Check Uem Imei And Calculate Rpl For It And Write It To Phone And Check Phone.

    5 = Is There Any Way To Backup Imei Area Before Flashing?
    A. Yes All Tools F.E Jaf Box & Mt Box Have Option To Backup Flash Area Imei Pm(Eeprom) Field 208.
    B. You Can Backup Pm(Eeprom) Field 208 And Save As Data1= Xxxxxxxx Rpl .Replace Xx Place With 208 Field Data

    6 = Is There Any Way To Repair Phone Without Backup?
    A. There Is 2 Way If U Have Ask For Same Working Phone Then U Can Calc Rpl Free Link Is Here
    Note Only Rpl Extract Possible For Working Phone Ask. For This Link Thanks Go To Mr.Al

    7 = Is There Any Way To Make Rpl Without Paying?
    A. Yes There Is But For Working Phones Only If U Have Damaged Already Then No Free Way Till Now.
    Note Only Rpl Extract Possible For Working Phone Ask.

    8 = Is There Any Way To Find That Calculated Rpl Is For My Phone Imei?
    A. Yes Link Is Here. You Can Check Rpl Also There
    Note Only Rpl Extract Possible For Working Phone Ask.

    9 = What Is Rpl Have In It?
    A. Its Have Imei Data And Password To Stop Uem Timer To Making Phone Off In 32sec.
    B. Its Main Part Is Imei Restore Uem Compare Both Imei And Let Phone Work Perfectly.

    10 = How To Know What Is Uem Imei ?
    A.There Are Many Way & Box Do But You Can See 2 Way Here.
    [1] Jaf Box + Pkey Go To Imei Tool. Read Uem Its Show U Valid Uem Imei.
    [2] Mt Box Nokia Press Read Ask And Its Show Uem Imei .

    11 = How To Know Uem Is Damaged Or Not?
    A. When We Read Uem Imei Its Show Imei Like 31xxxxxxxxxxx Or Abcdsx3245323 Or 000000000 Or Near About Same Number But Only 1 Or 2 Digit Different..
    F.E 351102602736638 Valid Imei For 3650 Without Having Phone. How Do I Know? Link Is Here At Site I Can See Imei Registered At 3650 So This Is Valid Imei For 3650 Phone If Ur Phone Is 3650 U Can Calc Rpl And Repair Phone.
    But If U Have Imei 351102002036038 U Can Check This Imei At Already Given Link Its Show U Another Model Or Invalid Imei Means Uem Is Damaged.

    12 = What Is Best Way To Repair Imei Damaged Phone & Which Tool?
    A. All Tools Are Sames..Way To Repair Just Be Sure Which Rpl U Need Because Flash Area Can Be Rewrited Many Time We Want.Uem Area Write Only 1 Time. Calc Of Ask 2 Rpl Also Same By All U Can Use Any Service To Calc Ask 2 Rpl For Dct4 Wd2 Tiku Phones. Which U Likes ..

    13 = If Uem Imei Is Valid Then We Don't Need To Change Uem?
    A. Yes If Uem Have Valid Imei Then You Have Flash Area Imei Damaged Or You Have Changed Flash Ic...Just Calc Data1 = Flash Area Imei.And Repair Phone Without Changing Uem.

    As I Say There Is No Perfect Solution For Uem Testing So This May Help Users To Find There Problem Much Faster ..

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    Thanks sir. can u tell me what is imei patching & how to do it ?

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