!!! WARNING !!!

This For All Users/Techs Dont Upgrade Any Of Your Phones To 4.4.2 If The Phones Ok Then.Otherwise While Repairing Or for Unlocking Dont Update Your Phones To 4.4.2. Because SAMSUNG Has Blocked Writing EFS and Recoveries To the BOOT-LOADER And Right Now There is No Safe Way To Downgrade To JB or ICS Version of Android. So We Clearly Tell Our User to Wait And Avoid Updating Phones To 4.4.2 KIT KAT.

*4.4.2 Will Lock Your Boot loader Wich KNOX. You Wont Able to Unlock the Bootloader And Some Phones Your Cannot ROOT.

*On Some Phone Phones its Possible To Disable KNOX and ROOT The Phones VIA KNOX Killer Script But Only Some Phones.Check Your Phone Before Doing This.

*Some How Some User Reported That *#7284# Command is Not Accepted by Some Phones.

*Uart Operation Without Root Are Reported Working.On Some Phone UART Functions not Supported Without Root So Check Your Compatibility before Unlock Or Repair

I Am Making This Post Sticky Because Some Users Posted Not Working Some Working. So Users Can Post Some of There Results and Talk About Problem After Updating to 4.4.2