Q : I want to buy Spt box,where can i buy?

A : Please only buy from official seller that are on SPTBOX page !! !!

Q : Which is the support sites?

A : www.sptbox.com

Q : What is the SPT BOX enduser price?

A : SPT BOX is 250$ include shipment ! In packed you got box with smartcard and 25/31 cables

Q : How is the SPT BOX guarantee?

A : 6 Month warranty for SPT.
Please contact your reseller for any problem.
Do not try to fix the box.
During Warranty If it is possible it will be repaired or replaced.

Q : How to login in support Section ?

A : Just click inside the software window then can directly go to support.

Q : Which model SPT BOX is supporting?

A : At the moment Samsung models supported.
Later we will upgrade the models.
All opinions will be considered to upgrade the box.
Our client comes first.

Best Regards