Samsung S5280 No Network After Unlock with Z3X

01. First Flashed with below Firmware.

Reading phone info...
Model: GT-S5280
Android version: 4.1.2
Product code: GT-S5280LKAXSG
Phone version: S5280XXAMD7
PDA version: S5280XXAMD7
CSC version: S5280OJVAMD4
CSC country code: UAE
CSC sales code: XSG
HW version: MP 0.400
Phone S/N: RF1DA39KPXW
Modem board: sc8810
RF cal date: 20131011
IMEI: 356636056990667
02. Then Flashed recovery.tar for root.
03. Then Unlocked with Z3X.

Problem after unlock.... It's always in no service..........