Dear customers,
for futurer updates of LGQ module with support of NEW lg models
like KU250,U250,KU990,KU990GO,KU380,KU385,KF310,CU720,C U920,KC910,HB620 etc , etc we need your help.

If you have locked or not locked phone please follow instructions :

1. Download dumper software from here.

* dump file with txt file, mean that in archive we need two f***ing files, one of them BIN and second are TXT. Not only BIN - BOTH them. Violators will be punished! I am serious!!!

You can post link in this thread also can mail me in PM
All versions will be processed and included in next update very soon .

Do not post here flood messaged , only links please! All another will be deleted.

b.r NoName®