Genie Universal New Release [09-04-10]
New version of DCT4 Plus script

Dear Genie Universal users,

We release new DCT4 Plus version today

Here is the part of the history file:


Added unlock function for bulk
At the end of the unlocking, press the left Button "Unlock"
if you have not finished your phones.


Also some scripts have been added to the "Scripts" folder

- G-Nok.smx


- Support Keypad Press on Genie
- Phone mode selection such as Local, Normal, Test mode
- Full factory reset for all DCT4 and BB5 Phones
- Lcd contrast reset for 1110i, 1112, 1200 and some other..
- Phone Info (Not implemented yet)

Thanks to monxxx


- userc.smx History

Standalone BB5 User Code Read


- bb5rlt.smx History

BB5 Life Timer Reset Application for Clip


Please update your SD card contents with the Genie Client.

Here is complete list of supported DCT4+ phones

Nokia 1680c - RM-394 v06.82, v07.60
Nokia 1680c2 - RM-395 v06.82, v07.60
Nokia 1680c-2b - RM-490 v06.22
Nokia 1680c-2b - RM-490 v06.83
Nokia 2220s - RM-590 v09.55
Nokia 2320c - RM-514 v06.75, v08.20
Nokia 2320c-2b - RM-515 version 06.88
Nokia 2330c - RM-512 v06.46, v06.75, v08.20, v08.21, v09.55
Nokia 2330c-2b - RM-513 v08.20, v08.21
Nokia 2323c - RM-543 v06.46, v06.75, v08.20
Nokia 2600c - RM-340 v07.60
Nokia 2610 - RH-86 v05.90, v07.04
Nokia 2610b - RH-87 v05.90, v07.04
Nokia 2630 - RM-298 v07.60, v57.20
Nokia 2680 - RM-392 v04.56, v05.25, v06.17, v56.17
Nokia 2720f - RM-519 v08.20, v08.42, v09.55
Nokia 2720f-2b - RM-520 v08.62, v08.20, v08.42
Nokia 2760 - RM-258 v06.82, v07.60
Nokia 2760b - RM-259 v06.82, v07.60
Nokia 2760-2b - RM-391 v05.45 v06.83
Nokia 5000 - RM-362 v06.32
Nokia 7070 Prism - RH-116 v07.60
Nokia 7100s - RM-438 v05.22, v05.41, v06.31, v06.32