23 June, 2011 : Infinity Nokia BEST Ver. 1.23 released

- Added Key Reading for RAPIDO phone by USB

- SL2/SL3 phones supported for now with "old hashes"
- Allow Repair SDD,Unlock,Upload Logs for SL3 calc
- RAPIDO "new hashes" under testing now. Will be added on next release.

- SX4 server updated

- JAF support improved

Fixed Check bug on some bb5
Improved RPL writing
Fixed CLMA/WDRM write
Support write flex keys to all existing Sl/SL3/Sl30 phones
Added SX4, Upload tune , Restore CCC/HWC options
Added PM write and other service functions
DCT4+ RSA Unlock via JAF was broken, fixed

- UFS support improved

Some bugfixes

- UserData support improved

Improved FS startup for old S60 phones (N70,N72,6680,E65 and same)
S40 phonebook engine updated to upcoming S40 models

-Server Updated

Added support for upload "sha" and "log" formats
P.S. Just for info - handle 15/20 digits codes :
PA_SL30 phone detected - 20 digits
PA_SL3 phone detected - 15 digitsDownload (Server-1)

- Ini updated, added new models and corrected existing
- Updated camconfigs/pm's/hwc files
- Some small bugfixes and improvements at all

New update is ready in support area for download