Whats New in BEST 1.24

- USB flashing improved
- Loaders updated to 11.24 version

- Cold Flash for RAPIDO improved
Full Erase/RPL restore improved for RAPIDO

- Added Restore RPL (from backup) option
if RPL not selected On Write RPL - BEST ask for AutoSearch

- Improved Key Reading for RAPIDO phone by USB
- SL3 phones supported for now with "new hashes"
- Allow Unlock,Upload Logs for SL3 calc
- Allow Direct Unlock SL2/3 Rapido phones

- Service operations improved
- Added Repair PP (ProductProfile) option
- Allow repair missing phone functions after full erase
- Added Production Data edit menu

- UFS support improved
Some bugfixes

- Infineon support improved
- Improved Xgold-110 flashing (UFS/COM)

- SL3 Unlock improved
- Added verification of digits (15/20) during upload logs from phone

- Ini updated, added new models and corrected existing

- Updated camconfigs/pm's/hwc files

- Some small bugfixes and improvements at all

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