13.07.2011 - MTB NK v2.38.5

What's new:

Fixed small mistake in message for SL3 upload for 20 digits code phones
Added MTB NK version check on server side related to 20 digits code phones
Disabled server access for all older version of MTB NK then 2.38.5

Please note:

Is not possible to upload phones with old MTB NK version. You need to use only latest MTB NK 2.38.5 or higher version of MTB NK (server message: e/155/please download latest software; )
To able use MTB NK v2.38.5 you need to have installed latest MTB NK v2.383. fixed setup


MTB NK 2.38.5 - Rapid Share
MTB NK 2.38.5 - Mega Upload
MTB NK 2.38.5 - Media Fire
MTB NK 2.38.5 - Hot File