2011-08-09: Infinity-Box Nokia [BEST] v1.26 released

- USB flashing improved
- Fixed FileChecking for big eMMC files (X7,N8 and same)
- Improved Flashing of eMMC files (X7,N8 new and same)
- Fixed flashing of old APE phones (like N91 and same)
- Service operations improved
- Added KeyReading for RAPU phones
Allow Repair SDD
Allow Upload Logs for SL3 unlock
Allow do Local Sx4
- Added ticket verify for created by BEST bcl files
- Upload job and Create file for LBF are separated now
Local LBF file create fully standalone
- Improved JAF operations with certificates
- Improved Restore CCC/HWC operation (for N73 and same)
- Ini updated. Added new models and corrected existing
- Some bugfixes
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