SL3 INSTANT unlocking (without Brute Force) available
ONLY for FENIX KEY owners.

Are you tired to pay for each unlocked SL3 Nokia phone expensive price ?

Are you tired to wait for SL3 Nokia calculated code by servers or by your own Super PC ?

Are you tired to pay expensive electricity bills for unlocking SL3 Nokia phones ?

Are you tired to buy credits for Brute Force SL3 Nokia codes ?

Are you tired of all this expensive stuff when unlocking SL3 Nokia phones ?

Solution is simple, very fast and FOR FREE:
SL3Instant for FENIX KEY owners

- Unlock all network locks on SL3 Nokia phones
- Unlock 20 digits codes based SL3 Nokia phones too
- Unlocking time for one SL3 Nokia phone: 10-30 seconds
- Work on USB you dont need buy any boxes
- Work on all currently available HASH on market
- Work on all TI based processors (RAP3G, RAPIDO, RAPU)
- Work standalone (no internet connection required after activation was made)

!!! To avoid misunderstanding !!!

This is ACTIVATION ONLY and will work ONLY with FENIX KEY for FREE

There is NO SHIPPING REQUIRED just online activation.

ALL activations will start working from 1 December 2011 if someone give it after this date