KK Sl3 Cloud Server Free Activation Released !
Available for KK and Nano Users !

KK SL3 Cloud Server Features:
Allows you to manage computers calculating SL3.
You can build a local network and the Internet.
The system controls the work of computers and divides the work to all in equal parts. If any of the computers can find the code, others stop counting and start a new IMEI. .
If you enter the email address of his client, after calculating the code server will send an email with the code for your client.
You can expand the system to different amounts of computers.
For cost of 50 you can connect 10 computers. If you have more computers, then you have to buy another license for another 10 computers.

KK Sl3 Cloud Server Ver 1.3 for download

Send KK or Nano Serial number HERE

1. For KKSL3 Cloud Server activation KKDongle Serial Number required
2. KK exe and KK Sl3 Cloud Server working on same dongle
3. First start KKSL3 Cloud (Sl3 Cloud license add to same folder with server exe), next start KKMC exe
4. Read IP for PC with KKSL3 Cloud Server
5. Enter SL3 Cloud Server IP to KKMC exe (SL3 setings)
5. Make password by SL3Cloud server and paste to KKMC exe (SL3 setings)
6. Add limit PC in SL3 Cloud server (setings)
7. Enter "Save Setings' button
8. Go to Database and add log by "Read LOG" button or paste IMEI+HASH (by ENTER you save record)
9. Click start button
10. In KKMC click "Sl3 Setings" button and select "enable SL3 cloud computing"
11. Back to normal KKMC exe and click "Execute"
12. If all firewell and other protection closed KKMC start calclate data from SL3 Cloud Server


1. Used record is marked as RED and cannot be modified.
2. Selected record is marked as CYAN (will mask RED used record when actually selected) .
3. Every changes in record must be confirmed with ENTER key. New record will get unique ID.
4. New or modified record will be confirmed by information at bottom bar if all values are correct.
5. Record without all correct data will not be stored(no information at bottom bar).
6. By set used record as UNFINISHED, will clear all information about progress, however record will be marked as
FOUND if any of remote computers which still calculating will find SL3 Value.
7. If any of remote computer will disconnect accidentially, server will NOT cancel used part byself

More Details Here