ATF v7.80 Update

Release Date: October 25, 2011

BB5 Major Functions Added:

<<< All BB5 Flash Functions are now using the Newest Nokia Loaders >>>

- Authorize Phone for RAPUYAMA v2.1 Phones via USB or FBUS (Nokia
500, 600, 603, 700, 701 etc...)

---> SD Repair
---> Stand Alone SX4
---> Read PM 120 Hashes

- Read Flash Enabled for RAPUYAMA v2 Phones via USB or FBUS (Nokia
500, 600, 603, 700, 701 etc...)
- Read Flash Enabled for RAP3Gv30 Phones via FBUS Cable (5130c,
3110c, 7210c, 6300c etc...)
- Read Flash 8MB Limitation on RAP3Gv40 Phones Removed... Now you
can Dump Full Flash Chip in 1 Session
- Extract Phonebook Contacts from Symbian Belle Flash Dumps made by the Read Flash Function
- Write Full Nokia Original RPL for all BB5 Phones (SL1, SL2, SL3,
PA_SIMLOC30 15-digit and PA_SIMLOCK30 20-digit)

---> Write Simlock Data
---> Write Super Dongle Key
---> Write CMLA Key
---> Write WMDRM Key
---> Write PARTNERC (If Available)
---> Write MDM_KEYS (If Available)

- N900, N950 and N9-00 Full PM Backup Fixed
- Read / Write Product Profile Added
- Added more Phone Modes for changing (Alarm, Charging, Discharging etc...)
- Added Ability to read Multiple MMC Passwords in 1 Phone (upto 16 MMC Passwords)

SL3 BF Server Changes:

- Reduced SL3 BF Price from 30 Credits to 25 Credits

General Updates:

- Added New Products to Nokia.ini
- Added Updated Provider Listing for MNC_MCC Codes
- New Skins Added with Better Compatibility
- Fixed FTDI Device Close problem on New FTDI Libraries
- Mass Memory Flashing Automatically Switches to Turbo Mode when needed.
- Reads more Information from the Phone during Scan Phone (All Information Available)
- Fixed Problem for ATF Boxes which ask you to install Drivers each time you Start ATF Software

Support Page Updates:

- Added Credit Transfer for ATF Activation Credits (Now you can transfer your activation credits extra to other boxes)

Driver Updates:

- ATF Box Driver v2.08.17(Beta)
- Nokia Connectivity Driver v7.1.45.0
- libusb Driver v1.2.5.0

Update Summary:

1. Uses Latest Nokia Loaders
2. Can Authorize ALL BB5 Phones
3. Can Read Flash Chip from ALL BB5 Phones except RAP3Gv2 (6630, N90, N70... very old Phones)
4. Can Extract Contacts from Symbian Belle Flash DUMPS
5. Can Full Write Nokia ORIGINAL RPL

Download link here