SLAP 4.0 beta released.

Fenix Team has just released the best SL3 solution on the market.

- Split calculation for up to 10 computers.
- 16 GPU's supported.
- SLAP stops calculation and move to the next position in queue when other computer has finished calculation - you do not need to configure anything, computers do not need to be in same network - Internet connection required.
- SLAP sends mail to you and your clients when NCK is ready to use.
- SLAP is more stable and faster now.
- User friendly interface.


1. SLAP 4.0 requires OclHashCatLite. You can download it from oclHashcat-lite - advanced password recovery.

Run SLAP 4.0 and go to Settings tab, click on text box next to "OclHashCat exe.path" and select oclhashcat-lite.exe location (32 or 64 bits). ATI cards are supported. Full user manual will be available within several days.

2. You must update Fenix Card in order to use new version.

SLAP 4.0 download link: