Unlock of Huawei, ZTE, LG, Vodafone, Avio Azumi, Fly and other MTK models

Dear users,

SmartMoto becomes to be multi-brand MTK solution and now we are working under adding support of bunch of new brands. Unlock of specified below models wasn’t fully tested yet, so please create backup copies before performing any operation to the phone.

Unlock (and other actions) of MTK models
Important: Save Backup before performing any action

  1. Run “Read codes” procedure and if no error appears, you may go to step 2
  2. Perform "Direct Unlock" operation

Feel free to post your feedbacks along with the log files of successfully unlocked phones in this topic.

Phone models list:
  • Huawei: G5730, G5760, G6608, G6622, G7050, G7600, G5010, G5500, G3610, G6600 (MTS-635), G6300, G6620, G6608, G7010, G7210, G6603, G7206c, G20, G3500, G6700, G7007, G5630, G7010, G6610v, G6610, G7007, G6150, G3501
  • Vodafone: V545, V547i
  • ZTE: 231, 731, A136G, A139, A201, A205, A205+, A211, A215, A215+, A261FM, A292, A611+, A661, A861, F120, i628, i766, i799, N280, N281, N290, N295, R220, R221, R225, R230, R231, R236, R620, R630P, R791, S202, S212, G-S213, T202, X632, X670, X671, X730, X760, X761, X930, X960 (SFR-342), X990, X991
  • Fly Q200, Q400

Tested in the topic models are marked bold

If you have MTK based phone model that is not listed here, you are welcome to test it but don’t forget to save backup before performing any operation.

NOTE: Send phone's backups along with the log files from unlock procedures to . Backups created from the phones based on CPU MT6235 with NAND flash memory type are most necessary.
Also, please notice that backup copies suppose to be saved with the latest SmartMoto version (version 4.26 or higher).

Best Regards
GSMServer team