MTB NK 2.41 - Nokia Broadcom unlock supported

What's new:
  • Added support for USB read Broadcom models all rootkey hash versions
  • Unlock supported using GT server and LBF (local brute force)
  • Supported imei backup and SX4 repair
  • Unlock using GT SL3 server cost 40 credits
  • Cancel SL3 brute force for Broadcom models will require 5 credits per phone

Supported phones:
  • C3-00 RM-614
  • X2-00 RM-618
  • X2-01 RM-709
  • X2-03 RM-709
  • X2-01.1 RM-717
  • 2710c RM-586
  • 7020 RM-497

Please note:
  • To use MTB NK v2.41 you need to have installed MTB NK 2.38.6 setup
  • After software installation do not forget to update your MT Box using MT Box update tool v3.24
  • This is BETA release so please if you found any bug report to us


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MTBNK 2.41 - Mega Upload
MTBNK 2.41 - Media Fire
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