Anniversary Octopus Box LG v2.0.0 is out! We have added support for LG A235, P690f cell phones and improved Unlock, Repair IMEI/BT operations for LG P690, P690b, P692.

Octopus Box LG celebrates 100th update! During last 2 years we've brought to you over 150 updates in general for more than 500 LG, Samsung and SE cell phones.
We were world's first team to bring you a number of useful features for the latest mobile devices.
And now we have a huge surprise for those who really appreciate our hard work a new innovative approach to your favorite tool Octopus 2.0! Visit official web for more details!

Octopus Box LG Software v2.0.0 Release Notes:
  • A235 added Direct Unlock, Write Firmware, Read/Write/Repair EEPROM, Read Full Flash, Repair IMEI/BT.
  • P690f added Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI/BT, Read/Write/Repair NVM, Write Firmware.
  • P690, P690b, P692 improved Direct Unlock, Repair IMEI/BT.

Octopus Box team is endlessly grateful to customers who were actively involved in improving this software.

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Download Octopus Box LG v2.0.0