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Thread: Update Sony Ericsson Phones

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    How to Update Sony Ericsson Phones

    Attentions ( Very necessary)
    01‐Just do it with ‘High Speed Internet Line’.
    02‐Never unplug your internet connection while update finish.
    03‐You need to install all of you phone’s drivers on your computer.
    04‐Make sure your Phone’s battery is fully charged.

    The things you need:
    01‐You need to install Flash Player for your computer. Download Here
    02‐You need to download and install Sony Ericsson Update Service from Here

    Start to Update Firmware:
    1: After install Update Service, connect to internet and run program.
    2: A window will appear and Check for updates. Wait a minute.
    3: A#er that a window appears and you can select your language.
    4: Click on START button on next page.
    5: Accept the Terms of use.
    6: Choose your phone connection by clicking on connection pictures. Look at the button of your phone.

    For K600 - V600 - P800- P900 - P910 and all of T‐Series, Please select right picture.
    For P990 - W800 - K750 - W810 -W550 - W700 - D750 -p1i and new Sony Ericsson Phones,
    please select left picture.

    7: Follow the instruc#ons: shown in the below
    01‐Turn off your phone
    02‐Remove the battery
    03‐Remove the SIM‐Card
    04‐Replace the battery
    05‐Press and hold the “C” button
    06‐Plug the USB connector into the button of your phone
    07‐After your phone automatically Turn on, a window will appear and you should Release the
    “C” button.
    08‐Now your phone automatically detected and you should see picture of it in next window.
    09‐Now the program starts to check for last available update for your phone and if there is a
    new Firmware for your phone, it starts to download it.

    Warning: Please do not touch the phone.

    10‐After download, it’s time to install the Firmware on your phone.
    11‐If there wasn’t a new update for your phone, it says you already have the new update on
    your phone. Now you have two options:
    Continue: Start to update your phone.
    Back: Return to main window.
    12‐When the update finished, a window will appear and update completed.
    13‐ Follow the instructions: shown in the below
    01‐ Unplug the USB connector from the button of your phone
    02‐ Remove the battery
    03‐ Replace the SIM‐Card
    04‐ Replace the battery
    05‐ Turn on your phone


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    nice story br... yes..that is reall time is gold...

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    Pls let me know where to download the c510_cid52_rida029 flash files

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