Dear Freinds

I first want to appologise for delay GPGDragon coder have caused on SPD66xx support. As you may know a lot of confusion was caused due to some very week and buggy product to try to make GPGDragon reputation down.

In fact no one giving a full support on those CPU. There is a very wide range of Flashes and different mobile. We have lost a lot of time in testing and gathering as many phone as possible. Coders are now testing and debugging a beta version that will be sending to Product Supporter for full testing so we can offer you a bug free version during this week.

Regarding this product that is claiming and givign promisses 100% not true We will give detailed explaination how this hardware was made, and how they get and make software. We will also make videos how this products make PC Hang and give much more bug... If they promissing to fix those bugs this is big lies as problem is in hardware. We will first finish update and spend some little time to show the whole gsm community those people are taking the fool out of everyone!

Be ready to be Shocked! The Dragon is BACK