Martech new update 07/01/2010 RCD+DST+SQM Martech RCD Service Tools V2.0.19.0

New models supported :

- Seat Alana MP3 by Grundig [24c16]
- CAR 400 MK2 by Philips [i2c]
- CDR 500 MK2 by VDO [i2c]

How to get this V2.0.19.0 ? It's simply - run rcd.exe and process of self update will begin
or download it from

RCD currently supports more than 900 various models, check it out at:
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Martech DST Service Tools V2.0.5.0

- Mercedes A Class W168 2001 BSI [HC6805]
- Mercedes A Class W168 2001 Dash [93c66]
- Mercedes Actros 2001 [93lc76]
- Mercedes Actros Tachograph 2001 [24c04]
- Mercedes Atego Tahograph [93c66]
- Mercedes Atego Tahograph [93c86]
- Mercedes C Class 2000 [93c86]
- Mercedes C Class from 09.1995 [93c56]
- Mercedes C Class W202 [93c66]
- Mercedes C Class W203 2000 [24c04]
- Mercedes CLK [93c56]
- Mercedes CLK W208 1999 [93c66]
- Mercedes E Class W202 old [93c66]
- Mercedes E Class W210 VDO [93c56]
- Mercedes ML Class W163 old [93c66]
- Mercedes S Class W140 [93c56]
- Mercedes S Class W140 old [93c66]
- Mercedes S Class W220 [93c66]
- Mercedes S Class W220 2000 [24c04]
- Mercedes SLK [93c56]
- Mercedes SLK Class R170 VDO 2004 Dash [24c16]
- Mercedes Smart VDO [93c66]
- Mercedes Sprinter 2000
- Mercedes Sprinter Kienzle [24c02]
- Mercedes Sprinter Tachograph 1996 [24c02]
- Mercedes Sprinter VDO [93c66]
- Mercedes Vito [24c02]
- Mercedes Vito Tachograph 1996 [24c02]
- VW Crafter 2007-2008 Dash Johnson Controls [25lc640]
- VW Crafter 2007-2008 EZS [HC9S12DT256]

How to get this V2.0.6.0 ? It's simply- run dst.exe and process of self update will begin
or download it from

Martech SQM Service Tools V2.0.2.0

The list of radio models added to the newest update:
- Harley Davidson 2007 [93c66]
- Harley Davidson Night Rod 2007-2008 [93c66]
- Harley Davidson Flht 2007-2008 [93c66]
- Harley Davidson Street Boob 2007-2008 [93c66]
- Harley Davidson [93c46]
- Harley Davidson 2005-2007 [25020]
- Harley Davidson Sport [93c46]

How to get this V2.0.2.0 ? It's simply - run sqm.exe and process of self update will begin
or download it from