Martech Key - i2c interface added


- Martech Key is ready to work with programming i2c memories and unlocking Ford V series.
Simply device has got the same pinout as Box/Clip - you can connect i2c cable with soic clip into it.

The latest RCD Tools has build in service of this interface.
RCD will do autosearch for it, no need to set up com port etc.

Examples of applications:


i2c interface schematic is here:

Example of ready interface:

Martech RCD Service Tools V2.1.1.0


- i2c interface for Key users supported !
(you can read/write, unlock Ford V series)

New models supported :

- Fiat Ducato CD BP3318 by Blaupunkt [95320]
- VW New Beetle Alpha (tuner only) VWZ1Z3 by Blaupunkt [25160]
- VW New Beetle VWZ1Z3 by Blaupunkt [25160]
- VW New Beetle Japan VWZ1Z3 by Blaupunkt [25160]
- Daewoo AKF 0827RR [24c16]
- Seat Liceo 7M7035186B SEZ4Z1 by Delco [24c16]

How to get this V2.1.1.0 ? It's simply - run rcd.exe and process of self update will begin
or download it from

RCD currently supports more than 900 various models, check it out at:
Be READY ! For next BIG updates

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If you need such interface you can buy directly from us - or from nearest Reseller.

Best regards,

Martech Team