Martech BOX III v0.1.2.2159

ST10 Flasher - new activation for Box III

Box III received another feature - the ability to fully program the ST10 series processors.
First version allows to read, erase and write:
- ST10F269 ( internal flash )
- ST10F276 ( internal flash )
- ST10F276 ( AM29F400BT - ext. flash )

Programming is carried out in circuit - without desoldering processors.
This also applies ext. flash connected to the CPU ( eg. AM400 in RNS510 navigation).
Operation time for read, write, and erase it is a dozen of seconds.

Examples of the use of activation:
- repair not working touch panel in RNS 510
- repair software faults in the RNS 510 ( gateway error while flashing )
- repair hang on radio logo Mercedes NTG 2.5 navigation
- repair car clusters / computers