U8500 GLOBE LOCK - UNLOCK DIRECT + (guide & screen shut)


1.Switch the device OFF
2.Remove the battery and hold it removed for 10 seconds, then place it back
3.Press and hold down Vol -, End Call (Red) and Power buttons simultaneously till your phone completely freezes

SigmaKey 1.18.07 Qcom: Direct unlock
Android Sooner Single ADB Interface, Version 0.5, Name: U8150
IMEI: 353026043440971
Version: U8500V100R001C00B718_EFS
Detecting flash...H8BCS0UN0MCR-4EM, ID: 00AD00BC
Flash size: 512 Mb, page size: 2048
Security area saved to "C:\Documents and Settings\MARVZ TG\My Documents\SigmaKey\security backup\353026043440971_U8500V100R001C00B718_EFS.sk b"
Unlocking phone...Done
Restarting phone...OK