Octopus Box SE Software v1.0.2 is out! We have added Unlock and Repair IMEI for Sony Ericsson ST18i cell phone!

Octopus Box SE Software v1.0.2 Release Notes:
  • Sony Ericsson ST18i added Unlock, Repair IMEI, Write Firmware, Read/Write/Repair TA.

In order to perform Unlock and Repair IMEI operations with Sony Ericsson ST18i, you'll need to use TP. For a detailed information on this subject please refer to the manual located in the "Cable & Manual" tab. Manuals are available for all supported models.

Important! For your convenience we've separated Unlock and Repair IMEI operations. So now, one Sony Ericsson Repair IMEI for Octopus Box owners will cost 10 credits. Credits consumption for Unlock will stay the same 10 credits as well. If you don't own Octopus Box, you'll have to pay 13 credits for Unlock or Repair IMEI operation.

If you own one of these phones: SO-01D, SO-03C, LT15a, MT15a, ST18a or any other unsupported Xperia mobile, please contact us for FREE testing.

Download & Video Link Here