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Thread: Some of Nokia Phones F.A.Qs

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    Default Some of Nokia Phones F.A.Qs

    Some of Nokia Phones F.A.Qs

    Q: How long does a new phone needs to be charge for the first time?

    A new phone needs to be charge for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours until the battery bar is full.

    Q: How many times does a Nokia phone needs to be charge?

    It needs to be charge as soon as the battery bar getting low level.

    Q: What are the tri-band Nokia phones?

    They are N6310i, N3650, N6610, N7250, N7210 & N6610.

    Q: What is a PUK Code?

    PUK code stands for Personal Unblocking code.It is given by a network provider in certain countries & it'll only appear when the PIN Number have been entered wrongly for three times.

    Q: Where to download PC Suite & Modem Driver for Nokia phones?

    Simply visit the coded link below:-


    Q: How long is the warranty of Nokia phones & its accessories last?

    The warranty last for one year.

    Q: How to set polyphonic ringing tones/mp3s as an incoming alert?

    Go to Profile> General (or others)> Personalise> Ringing Tone> Open Gallery> Select tones which are decided.

    Q: Does a Nokia phone has ability to send & receive an e-mail?

    The e-mail feature only available in selected Nokia phones & it's network/service provider dependant.The e-mail feature needs network support & has to subscribe to the service.The e-mails on a standard PC similar to text messages & the character number of Nokia phones are limited.

    Q: What is the difference between DualBand, DualMode & TriMode?

    DualBand is a wireless phone that is capable of operating on two frequency bands such as the 800 MHz digital bands & the 1900 MHz digital PCS band.

    DualMode is an industry term referring to a wireless device which can operate on either an analog or digital transmission network.However, multiple transmission system exists in DualMode phone users where they need to operate the digital transmission system which is used by the selected service provider.

    TriMode is a TriMode phones that operates on two frequency bands such as 800 MHz & 1900 MHz as well as operating on both digital & analog networks.

    Q: What are the Security & Lock Codes on Nokia phones?

    The lock code is a code number which prevents unauthorized persons from using an authorized person.The security code is a code number which prevents unauthorized use of certain features or the accidental alteration of essential programs used by the Nokia phones.These control codes are for protection & the phones are assigned with default lock code (1234) & security code
    (12345).It is imperative to change the code numbers for security reasons.

    Q: What users need to do if they forgotten the Lock & Security codes

    Please take the Nokia phones to a nearest Nokia Phone Center in order to reset the codes.

    Q: Can animated GIF set as wallpaper?

    A: Nope, it will only shows the first frame though it can be set.

    Q: Can .sis files install in S40 phones?

    A: Nope, S40 phones only support java games & apps.

    Q: Can .sisx files install in S60v2?

    A: No, these files only working in S60v3.

    Q: Where to get a blank operator logo for S40 phones?

    A: Go below:

    Q: Can Symbian OS upgrade into newer version?

    A: Nope, it is a hardware.

    Q: Can S40 apps/games play in the S60 phones?

    A: Yes, but they won't be in fullscreen & they will remain in their original programmed size.

    Q: Is N6260 a stereo phone?

    A: Yes & no as the radio is stereo but the mp3 playback is mono.

    Q: Is N7610 a stereo phone?

    A: No.

    Q: How to find arranged mp3s in certain folders in N6230?

    A: Mp3s are stored in the root of MMC or just define the location of mp3s before uploading them via playlist.

    Q: Can a big movie rewind in the N6230?

    A: Nope.

    Q: How to prevent MMC of N6230 from showing "the operation could not be completed" error?

    A: Rename the mmc {it can be done in gallery} & restart the phone.

    Q: How to speed up Nokia phone as it reacts quite slow?

    A: Just set the time of the "Recent calls register" to one day (30 days by default). It depends on the "Recent calls register".

    Q: How to format Nokia phones?


    - Normal Format = (*#7780) : Restores .ini files from ROM but preserves data like photos, third party apps, etc.

    - Soft Format = (*#7370#) : This reformats completely the C: drive where all apps installed & stored in this drive will be lost.

    In both case, the phone will ask a confirmation & need to enter a security code (12345 by default).

    Files & apps which are stored in E: drive are not affected by these sequences.

    For Symbian OS7 & higher version:

    Switch off the phone & press, hold down the green key on the left side + no. 3 on the key pad + the * key & switch on the phone again.

    The phone will begin the formatting process without any confirmation.

    Q: How to get MAC address of the WLAN of a nokia phone?

    A: *#62203526#

    Q: How to get the MAC address of bluetooth of the Nokia phones?

    A: *#2820#

    Q: Where to put ringtones?

    A: Ringtones should be stored in the 'Sounds' folder on mmc or within the internal memory.

    Q: How to copy & paste text?

    A: Press & hold down the pencil key where now the text can be mark by the direction key. Press "copy" to copy & hold down the pencil key and press "paste".

    Q: How to fix mmc of nokia phone if it can't access in the phone?

    A: Reformat the mmc using a card reader by choosing FAT16 as files system, not FAT32.Or just reformat the mmc using the phone where all standard folders will be created too.

    Q: What are the Symbian OS version of certain Nokia phones?


    OS6.1 = N3600, N3620, N3650, N3660, N7650.

    OS7 = N3230, N6260, N6600, N6670, N6620, N7610.

    OS8 = N6630, N6680, N6681, N6682.

    OS8.1 = N70, N90.

    OS9.1 = N3250, E60, E61, E70, N71, N80, N91, N92.

    Q: Where the messages are saved?

    A: If the messages are saved in phone memory & they will be in c:\system\mail.If they saved in the MMC {not all on s60 phones possible}, they will be in e:\system\mail.

    Q: Can Nokia phones use mp3s as a ringtone?

    A: Yes, ofcourse !

    Q: What is OS9.1 & OS9.2?

    A: See Attachment.

    Q: What is NetMonitor?

    A: NetMonitor is a special mode which shows different information about a network and phone modules, SIM Card, etc. It is also known as "Field Test".

    Q: Why *3001#12345# code does not work with GSM phones?

    A: This code for TDMA Phones only.

    Note:- Hope this will help users who new with nokia phones.

    Best Wishes
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