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Thread: SEtool paid update.

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    Default SEtool paid update.

    SEtool paid update with 20 credits.

    Dear Setool Customers,
    Please read carefully this major news announcement.

    Setool team have proven that they are the best team in Sony Ericsson arena. They did many many updates for free and all years not asked for any additional payment. In last version we made may be the most HOT update from start. All function for s1 omap, s1 locosto, s1 neptun, db200x, db201x, db2020, db3150, db3200, db3210, db3350 are now working as a standalone. No internet connection or server required.

    New time is coming, SEMC improve security and make new cid80 phones. They believe it is fair to ask customer a small payment to continue subscription for excellent setool support. This is necessary in order to invest in new test phones/handsets/sources/servers/staff etc to make all this support possible. Please be sure, they thought this hard and long time to make sure that it is fair and will not burden our loyal customer much.

    Upgrade cost will be - 20 SEtool credits. Most of users have credits so can use it for license purchase. Users who have not valid account have to buy it from any autorised dealer.

    Upgrade procedure will include remote upgrade of card applet and card activation with license. It will allow you to work with sw versions greater than v1.0 and use new support site. Current file support will also work for current version users. Laser will come out with explanation of upgrade procedure in days ahead. They will try to make this upgrade as easy as possible.


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    i to want update my box pls send me details

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    Quote Originally Posted by azmath View Post
    i to want update my box pls send me details
    Check Details In This Section : GSMINDIA SEtool Section

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